A FORMER Bracknell Bees player has revealed why he and his business partner want to build an ice rink in Bracknell.

Earlier this week it was revealed that a new 17m by 34m ice training facility could be opening in Western Centre.

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Dubbed as The Ozone, the idea behind the facility is "not to replace the old ice rink" but to provide people in Bracknell with a place to continue ice skating.

Danny Meyers and his business partner Kevin Fong originally intended to move into Camberley but quickly changed their minds when they saw a better opportunity.

Mr Meyers said: "We looked to Bracknell after the announcement was made that the John Nike Leisure Complex was closing down. I played and was the first ever senior at the first ever Bracknell Bees game so it means a lot to me.

"Our business plan has not changed in terms of it being an ice training facility. I still would love nothing more for someone to come and save the original ice rink as there is demand there and we are fully behind the group who want to save the ice rink. We are not coming to replace them but what we can do is be that place where people can be on the ice."

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The ice training facility will run ice hockey classes for men and women and hockey players can join the 3 on 3 league and play against other teams in the south east.

The Ozone can also be rented out so figure skaters or ice skaters can practice their skills.

Danny added: "Kevin and I decided to put everything on the line for this and I hope the community gets behind it and hopefully this ice rink can make a difference.

Plans have been submitted to Bracknell Forest Council and Danny hopes The Ozone will open by late 2020.