A PARENT feels baffled as to why he isn't allowed to have paddling pool on the grass outside his flat.

Lee Baker has set up a petition against the 'no swimming pools' policy enforced by Silva Homes in Bracknell.

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The resident noticed a sticker was placed on the children's paddling pool with 24 hours notice to take it down who he claims were from Silva Homes.

He wrote on the petition: "During this extremely hot weather I have had a pool out for my boys and friends to play in as we live in a block of flats!

"I called them to get told it’s to do with there insurance. I asked why and got told if someone was to fall in it and drown they would be liable as it’s on there land. After receiving a call back from them I get told we are not allowed anything in there communal areas!.

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Lee said other people he has spoken to "can't believe this rule" as the kids are supervised and are "just having fun and cooling down."

As well as paying council tax, rent and service charges, Lee said he also helps clear up the communal areas by cutting the grass and hedges after waiting 18 days for Silva Homes to come and do it.

"I explained that it seem unfair considering rent is paid council tax is paid and service charges are payed just like anyone else! But because we live in a flat we get penalised. Totally 100% not fair. Also it’s not like the pool is out all year!"

The petition currently has 60 signatures from residents in Bracknell.

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Anne France signed the petition and said: "Either give children houses with gardens or let them treat communal gardens as a home gardens and allow them to play on them as they would in a home garden."

Nicola Macarty said: "Kids need to be free. Let them have a paddling pool out for god sake. Its not like its all year. This year is not any normal year. Good luck."

Silva Homes has been contacted for a comment.