HAVE you ever wondered why roads get their names? Some make perfect sense and then others...not so much.

Road names like Market Street give references to an actual landmark or even Station Road.

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Some road names in Bracknell may leave you looking slightly puzzled, such as Bagshot Road - when you're not actually in Bagshot.

We've had a look at some of the most unusual road names given to places in Bracknell. Let us know in the comments what you think!

Nine Mile Ride

It has to be the one and only B3430 road between Bracknell and Crowthorne.

Have you ever thought about what the actual length of this road is? Well it certainly isn't nine miles...

In fact, it is 6.7 miles long so maybe the name could be a bit more specific although it doesn't have as much of a ring to it as 'nine mile'.

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World's End Hill

Bracknell News:

It sounds like the film The World's End expect it doesn't have the iconic pub there.

Sometimes when people choose a location to live in, extra points will be honoured if the road name sounds nice.

Living in World's End sounds a bit dramatic but funny at the same time.

Kennel Lane

Bracknell News:

Delve deep into a bit of history and Kennel Lane used to have the Garth kennels for the Garth hunting dogs.

Pond Moore Road

A road with 'Pond' and 'Moore' in it, expect there is no pond.

Honeyhill Road

Residents are slightly bemused as to why this road is called Honeyhill when there is not one single hill. In fact it is as flat as anything.

Mushroom Castle

Bracknell News:

We're not quite sure what the town planning department was thinking but this is hilarious.

There is an actual place in Bracknell Forest called Mushroom Castle. There are no mushroom fields, no castles, just a standard road with normal houses.

If your road name sounds a little odd, then comment the name of it below!