EMERGENCY services rushed to the scene of a fire after a 'loud bang' echoed in Crowthorne earlier today.

Concerned and worried residents in Crowthorne quickly took to social media to find out what caused the smoke.

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Fire crews from Crowthorne was sent to the scene of the fire at about 2.13pm today on Thursday, August 6.

The fire happened in the woods near Circle Hill.

One person said: "I heard the loud noise at Heathlake. Assumed it was that noisy car again."

Another added:"We heard the bang... Louder than a shotgun. Soundlike it came from hatch ride." 

A spokesman for Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: "At 2:13pm on Thursday, 6 August, we received reports of a fire in the open at Circle Hill, Crowthorne.

"A Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service crew from Crowthorne was sent to the scene.

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"Upon arrival, the crew found a fire in the woods. The crew worked to extinguish the fire and was on the scene for approximately 39 minutes.

"If you see a fire in your local area, please report it immediately by calling 999."