A WOMAN was almost scammed into sending money to a fraudster after sharing intimate pictures of herself to him.

Police officers have sent out a warning of this 'sextortion scam' following a report in Ascot.

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Officers said the woman was speaking to a man online and they had been chatting for a few months.

During this time, she had sent intimate photos of herself to him.

Now, the man is demanding a large sum of cash or he will share the photos with everyone in her personal address book.

As such, the woman reported this to police providing details of the man and his contact details.

Police said: "She has immediately done the right thing and contacted the police, providing full details of the man, with his contact details.

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Residents in the are are being warned not to share anything online that you wouldn't want your parents, family or friends to see/hear.

They added: "Please do not say, or do, anything online, you would not want your parents, family, friends or work colleagues to hear and see. The technology to copy conversations and images online is just so simple."

Another sextortion offence happened in June when a man paid scammers who tricked him into intimate video call to keep it secret.

Police said the victim was sitting at home late at night on his computer when he received a friend request from a woman he believed he knew.

He accepted and they started chatting but then it went offline to a video link where the conversation became intimate and "certain acts took place."

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The person straight away revealed they were not the woman the victim thought he knew, but a scammer.

They demanded money from the victim or they would send the recorded video footage to the victim's wide and tell all of his friends on Facebook.

Police were then called when the scammer sent the footage to the victim's wife.