PLANS for a new pedestrian crossing to be built is in the pipeline after a worried parent campaigned for three years to get one installed.

Tracy Keating-Verga has fought for three years to get better safety measures outside Cranbourne Primary School, following a number of 'fatal near misses'.

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After years of 'frustration' and 'delay', Bracknell Forest Council has finally said they approved the plans to get a pedestrian crossing built as part of their budget for 2020.

The mum claims the move is much needed as the road has become "increasingly more dangerous" due to the rise in new homes being built, more families and building works with lorries driving through.

Tracy said: "After three years of campaigning to the council to get something down and at last they are moving towards a positive outcome. I know I will not be able to ever use it, but what gives me some hope and peace of mind is knowing how many other children's and parent's lives this will change and make safer."

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She said she has witnessed several near misses in the past three years when a car overtaking a parked vehicle hit a child on March 17 last year.

The child had no life-threatening injuries.

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Tracy added: "Residents also do not take care of their hedges which protrude out on to the pavements. Cars drive well over the 30mph speed limit and despite school warning signs and 'slow down' signs this does not make any difference. The road is very busy at peak times with drivers becoming impatient and overtaking and speeding. Cars illegally park on double yellow lines frequently creating more danger for families when crossing the road as they create obscurities."

A pedestrian crossing is proposed to be installed on Lovel Road.

Neil Mathews, Head of Highways and Transport, said: “We have an approved plan to install a pedestrian crossing on Lovel Road as part of our work plan for this year. This was approved by the council’s Executive on 10 March, as part of the Highways and Transport capital programme 2020/21.”

You can view the proposal HERE