THE first verdicts on major plans to build 164 flats at the home of Bracknell Town Football Club (BTFC) have been revealed.

Earlier this month the News laid bare BTFC’s plans to move from its Larges Lane home ground so the club could set up camps at three new locations.

IN DEPTH: Major plans for 164 homes at Bracknell Town FC ground revealed

Two of the new sites would be at Ranelagh School and used by BTFC’s youth team and school students.

Bracknell News:

The third site’s location is still under wraps, but this would be where the first team plays in future if the move gets the go-ahead.

Development of this site means investment and improvements would be made to the Robins’ home ground in order to comply with FA rules for having an attendance capacity of 1,950 fans.

Bracknell News:

The project would mean one home and the sports buildings off Larges Lane would be knocked down to make way for 80 one-bedroom apartments, 80 two-bedroom apartments and four three-bedroom apartments.

Following the unveiling of the plan, Larges Lane neighbours have been sending their thoughts on the proposal to Bracknell Forest Council (BFC).

So far, eight objection letters have been sent, with another three public comments also submitted which also oppose the designs.

Traffic issues are a big concern for neighbours.

Bracknell News:

One Winterbourne Court resident wrote: “With the proposed 164 dwellings that is potentially an extra 240 vehicles in 4 years. All using Larges Lane as access. With the resulting pollution and detrimental effect on air quality. Plus the danger to pedestrians when trying to cross the road. There are elderly, partially sighted residents from Winterbourne Court crossing Larges Lane to go into town.

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“A traffic survey needs to take into account the extra traffic at school times and the safety of the children walking to school. Plus the obstruction from vehicles parked on Larges Lane”

A Robins Gate resident added: “[This] Will cause [a] big increase in traffic (164+ vehicles), especially on exit of larges Lane (to London road), already a narrow road with parked cars either side. This road is very busy and during peak times the road will definitely bottleneck and exiting/entering London road will become hazardous.”

Others were more worried about overdevelopment.

A Farnham Close neighbour wrote: “Recently we have suffered the effects of extensive development in and around the Larges Lane area.

Bracknell News:

“All this work has caused immense and prolonged disruption for local residents. More building and chaos is beyond endurance.

“Building projects should consider that Post-Covid, the trend will be for home-working, with a corresponding need for more internal space and gardens.”

A Goodways Drive resident also commented.

“Having lived in a once-peaceful area we have now an already overcrowded area with all the new developments down Larges Lane”, they said.

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“It seems that with all developments proposed down Larges Lane there has been no consideration made for the existing residents of the extra noise, traffic and the impact on their health and safety.”

Noise fears were also a problem for some objectors, who suggested there was not enough of a justification to go ahead with the plans.

Another Farnham Close resident wrote: “The planning application makes the claim that we residents are “subjected to considerable noise nuisance on match days and general use of the existing club”. It is absurd to use this as an excuse for building huge blocks of flats on the grounds, with all the noise nuisance their occupants, cars and general activity will cause continuously.”

Bracknell Forest Council has not yet made a decision on the plans.