MORE than a dozen trees will be chopped down at an Ascot mansion after planning bosses said yes to woodland plans.

The owner of the £1.75 million property, based off Birch Lane, asked for permission because the 18 trees identified are dying and “potentially dangerous”.

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In a letter to BFC, they wrote: “The whole site is approximately three acres, comprising lawned areas and woodland with a good quantity of beautiful trees, predominantly pine and birch but also some conifers and oak.

Bracknell News:

“There are a number of dead or dying trees that are potentially dangerous and having a young family I’m keen to have this situation under control as soon as possible.

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“There appears to have been very little active woodland management of the site and we would like to address this going forward to improve the growth of the healthier trees and incorporate some further variety.”

Bracknell News:

Planning documents showed the homeowner had confirmation from a forestry company the 18 marked trees are “dangerous, dead or dying.”

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The document adds: “I would recommend that the trees are to be removed as soon as possible so to avoid damage to property, powerlines and others.”

BFC approved the application last week after an officer agreed the removal of the trees was necessary as they had a “negligible impact” on the upon the landscape character of the area.”