VILLAGERS have been called out to stop littering and breaching social distancing rules following an 'unprecedented' number of reports made.

A Facebook post by Crowthorne Parish Council said they, along with Wokingham Without Parish Council, Crowthorne Rugby Club and Edgbarrow School have all reported experiencing scores of littering, broken glass and property damage in recent weeks.

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They also report breaches of Covid-19 guidelines where large groups have been spotted together, anti-social behaviour and use of the closed play area equipment.

The post said: "Amongst the worst of this behaviour is upended broken beer bottles being pushed with the broken side up into the rugby pitches at the Rugby Club, with the clear intent to cause harm.

"Contact has been made with the Crowthorne Neighbourhood Policing Team for support in tackling this behaviour.

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"The Parish Council will provide CCTV footage of any anti social, criminal behaviour and breaches of Covid-19 restrictions occurring on its land and facilities to assist in bringing perpetrators to account."

As such, parents are being urged to speak to their children and teenagers about the "potential consequences of these actions".

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The Facebook post from the Parish Council said: "The Parish Council along with all the other organisations with open spaces in the village which are being impacted by this behaviour are asking politely for it to stop and for parents of teenagers/youths to talk to their children about the potential consequences both for those hurt by these actions, and the perpetrators if convicted of offences.

"Thank you for your help with sharing this message and to those of you who are using our parks and open spaces responsibly and taking your litter home."