FANS of McDonald's have been desperate for the branch to reopen and today is finally the day everyone has been waiting for.

McDonald's in The Keep, Bracknell reopened today among 924 others across the country after almost three months of coronavirus lockdown.

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Long queues have formed today as people queue up to get their McDonald's meals, resonating a similar image when the branch closed on its final day before lockdown.

Bracknell News:

Kelly Foster was just one resident who managed to get her hands on a Big Mac meal after queueing for about 40 minutes.

She said: "It's chaos already! We queued for about 40 minutes and got there before it opened. Haven't had one for three months and it felt like another part of life restarting."

Google Maps shows at 15.40pm how much traffic there is backing up on Wildridings Road as people queue to get into the drive-thru.

Bracknell News:

Hundreds of residents have also taken to Facebook site We Love Bracknell to share their excitement on the branch reopening today.

One person said: "It’s all part of feeling ‘normal’ again for many people. No judgement here...I just couldn’t be bothered to queue."

Another said: "I'll be waiting few days till queues calmed down but I can't wait to get a maccys."