The Premier League is set to return within days - with 92 football fixtures still to play in the remainder of the season.

So far, just two fixtures have been issued with a concrete date; Aston Villa vs Sheffield United and Manchester City vs Arsenal– both games in hand – will be shown on June 17.

Following that a full set of fixtures will be played from June 19 to 21.

As of yet there is no finish date for the restarted season.

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When will games be played?

Given the need to squeeze nine rounds of fixtures into a squeezed schedule, fixture lists are set to be congested.

Every day of the week will be utilised to ensure that the season reaches a satisfactory conclusion.

Here's what time slots could be utilised for each day of the week.

  • Friday: 8pm
  • Saturday: 12.30pm, 3pm, 5.30pm and 8pm
  • Sunday: 12pm, 2pm, 4.30pm and 7pm
  • Monday: 8pm
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 6pm or 8pm

It would therefore be safe to assume that Manchester City vs Arsenal and Aston Villa vs Sheffield will take place on Wednesday, June 17 at either 6pm or 8pm.

When are the Premier League next meeting and could the fixture list be announced?

All 20 Premier League clubs are due to meet on Thursday, June 4, with league organisers set to provide clarity on the use of neutral venues.

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Increased access for TV companies is also set to be discussed.

It remains unclear whether Thursday (June 4), could also mark the announcement of fixture dates.

Where will the fixtures be shown on TV?

Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC Sport and Amazon Prime will show all 92 fixtures.

  • Sky Sports will hold the lion’s share of match fixtures, broadcasting 64 matches in total, include 25 free-to-air games.
  • BT Sport meanwhile will show 20 fixtures, while BBC and Amazon Prime will show four games apiece.

Which fixtures still need to be scheduled?

Following Leicester City’s 4-0 hammering of Aston Villa, nine rounds of fixtures were still to be played in the 19/20 Premier League season.

It’s unclear whether the Premier League will play out in its original order (Gameweek 30 to 38) or if this will need the be rescheduled.

Here are the full list of fixtures which still need to be played:

Gameweek 30

  • Watford vs Leicester
  • Bournemouth vs Palace
  • Brighton vs Arsenal
  • Man City vs Burnley
  • Newcastle vs Sheffield United
  • Norwich vs Southampton
  • Aston Villa vs Chelsea
  • West Ham vs Wolves
  • Tottenham vs Man Utd
  • Everton vs Liverpool

Gameweek 31

  • Tottenham vs West Ham
  • Burnley vs Watford
  • Liverpool vs Crystal Palace
  • Wolves vs Bournemouth

Gameweek 32

  • Aston Villa vs Wolves
  • Arsenal vs Norwich
  • Bournemouth vs Newcastle
  • Brighton vs Manchester United
  • Crystal Palace vs Burnley
  • Watford vs Southampton
  • Sheffield United vs Tottenham
  • West Ham vs Chelsea
  • Man City vs Liverpool
  • Everton vs Leicester

Gameweek 33

  • Newcastle vs West Ham
  • Manchester United vs Bournemouth
  • Burnley vs Sheffield United
  • Leicester vs Crystal Palace
  • Norwich vs Brighton
  • Southampton vs Man City
  • Tottenham vs Everton
  • Chelsea vs Watford
  • Liverpool vs Aston Villa
  • Wolves vs Arsenal

Gameweek 34

  • Crystal Palace vs Chelsea
  • Bournemouth vs Tottenham
  • Everton vs Southampton
  • Watford vs Norwich
  • West Ham vs Burnley
  • Arsenal vs Leicester
  • Man City vs Newcastle
  • Sheffield United vs Wolves
  • Aston Villa vs Manchester United
  • Brighton vs Liverpool

Gameweek 35

  • Liverpool vs Burnley
  • Bournemouth vs Leicester
  • Manchester United vs Southampton
  • Norwich vs West Ham
  • Watford vs Newcastle
  • Wolves vs Everton
  • Brighton vs Man City
  • Sheffield United vs Chelsea
  • Tottenham vs Arsenal
  • Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace

Gameweek 36

  • Arsenal vs Liverpool
  • Burnley vs Wolves
  • Chelsea vs Norwich
  • Crystal Palace vs Manchester United
  • Everton vs Aston Villa
  • Leicester City vs Sheffield United
  • Man City vs Bournemouth
  • Newcastle vs Tottenham
  • Southampton vs Brighton
  • West Ham vs Watford

Gameweek 37

  • Aston Villa vs Arsenal
  • Bournemouth vs Southampton
  • Brighton vs Newcastle
  • Liverpool vs Chelsea
  • Manchester United vs West Ham
  • Norwich vs Burnley
  • Sheffield United vs Everton
  • Tottenham vs Leicester City
  • Watford vs Man City
  • Wolves vs Crystal Palace

Gameweek 38

  • Arsenal vs Watford
  • Burnley vs Brighton
  • Chelsea vs Wolves
    • Crystal Palace vs Tottenham
  • Everton vs Bournemouth
  • Leicester City vs Manchester United
  • Man City vs Norwich City
  • Newcastle United vs Liverpool
  • Southampton vs Sheffield United
  • West Ham vs Aston Villa

Other games that need to be rescheduled

  • Chelsea vs Man City
  • Leicester vs Brighton
  • Man Utd vs Sheffield United
  • Newcastle vs Aston Villa