A SCHOOL has put in place plans to ensure it can reopen safely next week.

It has been almost two months of children having to home school during the coronavirus lockdown.

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Finally on Wednesday, June 3, Ascot Heath School in Rhododendron Walk will be reopening to all pupils with some important safety measures in place.

The North Ascot Residents Association posted to say the school adhere to social distancing for at least six weeks.

Here's how it will work

  • Infants will not be permitted to enter the entrance to the junior school.
  • Infants and their parents will have no choice but to walk along Rhododendron Walk to the entrance of the infant school
  • There is no pavement in that part of the road, but there will be traffic measures in place to ensure the safety of walkers.

Rachel Bradley, headmistress at Ascot Heath School said she is ensuring 'safety for all pupils and parents following government guidelines on social distancing."

Traffic restrictions may be extended beyond six weeks if the government guidelines make it necessary to do so.