A SHOWMEN community in Bracknell feel "disappointed" after finding graffiti all over their Covid-19 NHS tribute poster.

Sadie Holloway has been a showman with her husband in Bracknell for 30 years travelling around the South East to host funfairs.

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She said she feels more "disappointed" at the fact someone has vandalised the poster rather than seeing the words 'gypsies' on it.

Sadie said: "We wanted to support the local community during Covid-19 and thank the nurses, binmen and postmen who come down the lane.

"Our showmen community has done a lot to support the NHS and hospitals during this time so we spent a day painting a poster to show our support. When I came back from the shops I noticed something on the poster. It's the fact someone had gone through the trouble of doing that in broad daylight - I just feel very disappointed and it's a massive shame."

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Her husband has since removed the graffiti and put the poster back up, in the hope it will not be vandalised again.

Mrs Holloway added: "It's not the wording that affect me. I know that we are showmen and that we live in a caravan and travel around so people just like to class everybody as the same. I am not racist, we all come from all walks of life and I will not be prejudice towards anybody.

"The showmen community has always been positive up and down the country and has helped so much throughout this difficult time. From providing water bottles to hospitals and hand soaps, lip balms and all sorts."

As well as their poster being vandalised, the couple are also worried their business will end due to the impact of coronavirus banning all mass gatherings.