A WOMAN said she couldn't sleep at all on Saturday night due to a "horrendous" humming noise.

Dubbed as the 'mysterious humming noise', low frequency sound has been puzzling a number of residents living in North Ascot and Bracknell for months now.

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Rebecca Joule from London Road, Ascot, said she started hearing the noise 'on and off' a year ago.

She said: "The hum was horrendous. Saturday night I didn’t sleep at all whereas Sunday and Monday not as bad but lower vibrations."

"My husband doesn't hear the noise only I can. It's weird because I didn't hear it for a while and then in March it came back with a vengeance. Other times it has been so quiet it's non-existent.

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The resident posted on Ascot People whether anyone else could hear the humming noise.

A few people, including Lucy Sexton also says she can hear the low-frequency noise.

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Residents living in Gainsborough, Mill Ride and near Swinley Forest said they could also hear the noise in the night.

Rebecca said she has taken to Scottish and Southern Electricity Network (SSEN) to found out if it ha anything to do with them as well as environmental health.

However, SSEN said: "We have checked our network and any upgrades going on in that area, but cannot suggest any reason why any of our equipment might be responsible for making this noise. "

They did say they are willing to investigate further.