A FAMILY run business has had to adapt to changes during the lockdown to feed customers safely in Bracknell.

DaChi's Restaurant To You, owned by husband and wife David Plunkett and Chido, is among small businesses in the borough finding ways to operate safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Throughout the lockdown, the catering company has been delivering spectacular graze platters, BBQ and dinner packs instead of preparing meals in people's homes.

The owners said: "Since Covid-19 and the fact that we are expecting another baby we have been unable to provide this service to our customers and have been forced to pivot our business to replace our second income.

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"We understand that people are fed up of having to prepare every single meal themselves and are desperate to have a taste of the outside world. So, we now offer hassle free delivery services which include freshly made BBQ/Dinner packs and Lazy Grazy Platters." DaChi Restaurant To You normally offers a dining package, as the two experienced chefs would come to your home and prepare dinner for you and your party guests.

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It's a 'bespoke' service offered in Berkshire and means you can have your very own personal 5* chef in your home.

However, due to Covid-19, David and Chido have had to prepare meals and platters from their own home to be delivered to your door in line with social distancing guidelines.