A RUSH for people to dump their waste at Bracknell and Reading recycling centres has seen online booking systems struggling to keep up.

Re3 recycling centres in Longshot Lane and Smallmead Waste Management Park reopened on Monday, May 18 with some people having luck and disposing their waste within their booking slot.

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However, many have been unsuccessful with residents taking to social media to report they are stuck on the online booking page and cannot get a time slot.

Some are even told to 'come back again tomorrow' and try and book again because slots have been snapped up fast.

One person on twitter said: "Been loading for 30 mins now. I think I'll give up..." and another described the booking page like a "spinning landfill wheel of death."

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A resident trying to book a slot added: "Monday morning, still not working. Perhaps the Windows 95 PC that's running this need a reboot? Yesterday it managed to book me a time slot without a date an time!Completely useless."

On Facebook Amanda Hunt said: "I've been trying since Friday numerous times a day at different times day or night with no luck little circle just going round nothing else."

Some residents have been luckier and managed to get a booking slot.

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Andrea Hathaway said: "Yes I went this morning [Monday] at 8.30. Had about 15 minutes wait to get in but once in it was well organised and flowed well. One thing is that on the website it says you don't need your booking ref as they go on your number plate however I was asked for it twice and they weren't too happy that I hadn't brought it with me so might be easier to have it."

Re3 has been contacted for further comment.