DOG owners are being asked to take their poo bags home after a number of complaints were made.

It comes after man from Bracknell spotted all eight bins in Lily Hill Park were closed, causing the minority of dog owners to leave poo bags all over the floor.

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Jake Wawman, who lives near Lily Hill Park in Bullbrook, uses the park to walk his dog Bella and felt "frustrated" after seeing the amount of poo bags left beside the bins.

Councillor Ian Kirke for the Bullbrook Ward, explained how the public is being asked to take litter and dog waste home as there are less refuse collectors due to the coronavirus.

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He said: "Responsible dog owners significantly outnumber those that ignore these common sense measures and if any of the latter group read this, I would add that a seemingly low level of anti-social behaviour has a huge impact on the resilience of officers across the Borough and understandably causes anxiety to other residents.

"In relation to Lily Hill Park, noticeboards have been erected informing the public that every effort is being made to keep it open for public use but there are increasingly limited resources to do so.

"Refuse clearance continues albeit on a less regular basis than would usually take place."

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Jake Wawman said: "This is not the first time I have seen it unfortunately. It is there on a daily basis and there are about 5-8 other bins around the park that are exactly the same, also you see Redbull and coke cans just near the bin as well.

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"It makes me feel frustrated because that is our local park and hundreds of dogs go there daily and it’s only probably a small five per cent of owners can't pick up their dogs poo or hold onto it until they can find a bin and that five per cent are giving us good dog owners a bad reputation.

Bracknell Forest Councillor Ian Kirke explained how priority is given to household waste collections.

He added: "Priority is being given to household waste collections and members of the public are asked to take litter and dog waste home with them.

"Leaving litter or bagged dog waste by a closed bin puts other park users at risk when they most need to feel safe."