MASKED would-be thieves smashed a car in and stole a number of items before running from the scene.

At about 3.45am in Chavey Down Road in Winkfield, a resident ran outside to see a masked thief run away.

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The resident heard their blue BMW being driven off their driveway and then found their second car on the driveway had been broken into.

Items from inside the car were stolen but were then found from where the hooded person was seen.

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Police believe this was a 'targeted' theft, which happened on Monday, March 30.

Another theft attempt happened on the same night, where two people were recorded on a residents doorbell CCTV.

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The footage shows two people attempting to break into a car parked on the residents driveway in Woolford Close.

Both of the would-be thieves were dressed in hooded tops which covered their faces.

Thames Valley Police said: "Both of the targeted cars had keyless entry/ignition systems so it is likely that the offenders were utilising electronic scanner devices in an attempt to detect the signal that the ignition fob of such systems constantly transmits.

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"If you drive a vehicle with this type of electronic key, to prevent a thief from scanning and utilising your keys electric signal you should always keep your fob as far from the front door as possible, taking them upstairs at night.

"Preferably put keys in a metal tin or specific “Faraday” security bag to prevent their signal been transmitted."