A CARER felt "victimised" after waking up to discover her car had been egged after returning from an 11 hour shift caring for people during coronavirus.

Ali Law from Bracknell was helping vulnerable people with food deliveries in Basingstoke.

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The following morning, Ms Law noticed egg all over her car and felt like she had been victimised.

She said: "It initially made me nervous and I was very tired so I didn't stop. I did not know what I was getting out to and I thought someone was victimising me because I was out and my car is not signed and I don't wear a uniform.

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"Then I thought, they may have wanted to rob me because the streets were empty and I was an easy target."

Ali explained that this is how she felt when she heard something hit her car while she was driving along Ralphs Ride in Bracknell.

She said she heard a "massive thud" but didn't stop to check as she felt "nervous".