A MARKETING firm in Warfield is turning its 3D printing talents to getting behind the drive to provide hard-working NHS staff with more protective equipment in the fight against coronavirus.

The supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for hospital workers is “not sufficient” and doctors and nurses are “risking themselves daily without adequate protection to care for sick patients”, according to organisers of a crowdfunder for safer accessories.

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This has been seen at Frimley Park, Heatherwood and Wexham hospitals, where healthcare professionals are being ‘let down’ by the lack of basic personal protection in dealing with covid-19 patients.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance has also put out a call to local businesses for more PPE as its crew is “regularly” in contact with covid-19 patients.

Warfield-based medical marketing agency Word Monster is one business that has taken more direct action to support NHS heroes by using their 3D printers to build protective masks.

Dr Carl Owen, from Word Monster, told the News his venture into 3D printing started off as a hobby and became part of the company’s services after they “spotted a gap in the market”.

Bracknell News:

Now the firm, which mostly operates through remote-working, is using its resources in the battle against the pandemic.

Carl said: “We were looking for ways we could help really.

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“This seems to be the best thing to get involved in at the moment.

“We are in a lucky position where our business is still going well so we are okay to spend a couple of grand on this.

“It is nice to help and to see everybody coming together.”

Carl said with equipment Word Monster can make up to 20 masks a day.

He expects to create around 600 in total with the materials available to the firm.

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Word Monster has publicly offered to deliver the masks to hospitals nearby and in need, but Carl said he is also keen to deliver to those healthcare workers who might be “left behind” or “forgotten” at smaller medical centres.

He is set to deliver some of the masks to GP surgeries in Bagshot and Maidenhead.

Other businesses can get involved in supplying PPE by contacting Med Supply Drive UK.

A group of volunteers set up the organisation in order to redistribute PPE to those emergency services that need it.

The group is asking schools, beauticians, tattoo parlours, cleaning companies and more to donate any spare unused gloves, face masks, eye protection equipment and any other applicable accessories to NHS workers.

Any businesses with equipment to donate can sign up here. 

The crowdfunder for more PPE started by doctors and nurses now has more than £1.2 million in donations.