SOCIAL distancing has given many people the chance to spend more time walking through the greener parts of Bracknell Forest recently -- but this could soon become a thing of the past.

That’s the worry for one resident after major plans for more than three hundred homes in Warfield were unveiled.

Architects are also hoping to add a primary school on the land identified for the development, which sits east of Old Priory Lane and west of Maize Lane.

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Public open space and landscaping works are included in the plan for the site, which is currently open space.

Few other details currently exist for this proposal as the planning application submitted to Bracknell Forest Council’s (BFC) planning team is only an initial indication of what developers want to do with the site.

Bracknell News:

This has not stopped residents speaking out against the 305-home plan, however.

Three objections have been already been received by BFC despite the application only being made publicly available online last week.

One resident, from Big Barn Grove, wrote: “There is less and less green space in Warfield taking away the feeling of being on the edge of the countryside.

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“Going for a walk in a non-built-up area will become even further away.

“The local roads are congested at peak times.

“The green space has been reduced significantly in the area over the past couple of years and this is affecting wildlife, where are they supposed to go?

Bracknell News:

“Noise and pollution levels are increasing. Being able to breath fresh air is so important.

“Being able to walk through the field today was a blessing with the isolation everyone is experiencing.”

Another resident, from Warfield Street, hit out at the lack of nearby services to support the scheme.

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They said: “There is too much development now with no infrastructure to cope with the level of traffic that it will cause, and roads never kept in good condition, because of the extra wear and tear on the roads.

Bracknell News:

“There are too many big houses allowed to be built, that command lots of revenue but does not help the housing shortage as they are only affordable to a privileged few.”

Bracknell Forest Council is currently considering the application and no decision has yet been made on the proposal.