NEW designs have revealed how Sandhurst’s former Waitrose is set to be transformed.

A new gym is set to join budget supermarket chain Aldi on Yorktown Road as designers look to make changes to the space.

The German brand was confirmed for the site earlier this year.

The closure of the Waitrose store was announced last July having been open for business at the College Town site since 1985.

But now Aldi chiefs are looking to make changes to the supermarket space by dividing the site into two.

Bracknell News:

Aldi would occupy most of the existing building and a new gym would move in at the smaller, newly-created space.

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Very few details exist about which company will be operating the gym and a report from designers suggested more information will emerge from a separate planning application.

A number of other alterations were revealed in a planning statement submitted by Aldi.

Bracknell News:

Changes to the car park layout will mean fewer spaces available to customers as the number of bays is proposed to be reduced from 189 to 177.

Of these spaces, 41 would be allocated to users of the gym.

The removal of the car parking spaces will mean a larger pedestrian area is created at the front of the new entrance.

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A new loading ramp will mean faster deliveries to the site.

A report from designers read: “Our proposals strive to produce a design which does not try to replicate existing buildings or styles, but are original and have a distinctive design of a high standard, making a positive contribution to the visual quality of the environment, as well as regenerating the site with a development that fits both visually and functionally into the surroundings.”

Not everyone is happy with the proposals, however.

Bracknell News:

A letter from the residents of Cavendish Park outlined the worries neighbours have about the changes to the store.

It read: “We feel the Aldi supermarket has not discussed with its immediate neighbours the effect of the works or their realignment of the unit on our enjoyment of our property.

“We have already had a lot of work done, some very noisy without thought for us at all.

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“What about the lorries when the shops open? We need to be consulted.”

Bracknell News:

Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) planning experts are currently considering whether to allow Aldi to go ahead with the scheme.