“I, David Winsper, wish to apologise to all the great individuals who came along to the meetings and the showed their support not on behalf of the Brexit Party, but on behalf of me” – that’s the message from the Brexit Party candidate who was set to stand in Bracknell.

David Winsper will not put himself forward for election after Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage pulled candidates from 317 seats where Conservative candidates won in 2017.

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The move, designed to give Tory hopefuls a clearer run in their seats, came as a “complete surprise” to Mr Winsper, who joined more than 600 other candidates at the Brexit Party election launch last week.

He told the News: “Throughout our campaign, we were told we were going to change politics for good.

“The current crop of politicians are not fit for purpose.

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“The Brexit Party had the depth and breadth of individuals from all backgrounds.

“I believe this election was going to be about change – people are sick of the two-party system.

“There is no alternative now.”

The deadline for nominations comes tomorrow (Thursday, November 14) at 4 pm and some of the affected Brexit Party candidates have suggested they will still submit their papers for election, but as independent candidates instead.

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But this will not be the case for Mr Winsper, who said it was too late to ‘build enough momentum’.

He revealed the Brexit Party asked him to stand in Slough instead of Bracknell following Nigel Farage’s decision, but declined the move.

He added: “I would never stand in Slough as I have no connection (to the area).
“What would voters think of me?”

Four candidates have been announced for Bracknell so far, with more potentially confirmed by Friday.

The Conservative Party has chosen army officer James Sunderland as its candidate, Labour has selected town councillor Paul Bidwell to stand in Bracknell, The Green Party has opted for South Hill Park employee Derek Florey, and the Liberal Democrats’ hopeful is Kaweh Beheshitzadeh.