FAKE parking officers are targetting Wokingham residents by scamming them to hand over their bank card.

Wokingham Borough Council warned people on November 12 to stay alert after a bunch of scammers were seen working together at Cockpit Path and Rose Street car parks.

The fraudulent activity comes after scammers, pretending to be an engineer or parking officer are offering to help people using the pay and display machines.

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Residents getting a ticket at the pay and display machine will be approached by a scammer, who will then ask the customer to hand over their bank card.

The council posted the warning on their Facebook page, which said: "We have been made aware of scammers working in Cockpit Path and Rose Street car parks this afternoon.

"If you are approached, do not hand over your bank card and please contact the police immediately.

"All engineers or officers appointed by our service provider will carry ID to identify them and will never ask for your bank card."

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "At around 3pm a man approached who using the credit card facility on the ticket pay machine. The man appeared to be offering assistance to her but she became suspicious when he mentioned she input her pin into the machine and advised her that the contactless scanner wasn’t working.

"No offences have yet been reported to us but officers attended the car park later on but there was no trace of the man, we have informed the council so that traffic wardens are briefed on this report of this suspicious activity.

"In your report if you could it would be useful if you could include some prevention advice contained in the following link.. https://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/personal-robbery/ATM-safety/ it applies to ATM’s but the advice would apply in this circumstance as well.

"We would advise anyone who is approached in this way to report this to police on 101."