THE teenage son of two police officers who knocked and killed two men walked free from jail on Friday (November 8) just a week after being imprisoned.

Max Coopey from The Burlings, Ascot was given bail by a judge at Reading Crown Court after he heard that the 18-year-old wanted to appeal against his 12 week custodial sentence and conviction for driving whilst disqualified.

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Coopey was found guilty of the offence which happened just weeks after he killed John Shackley and Jason Imi while high on cannabis.

He was never charged over their deaths but was given a temporary driving ban while awaiting trial for drug-driving on the evening of the double fatal tragedy.

Several weeks later, he was stopped for driving while disqualified - a charge he denied. However a District Judge convicted and jailed him.

Judge Edward Burgess let Coopey walk free from prison despite hearing a catalogue of his previous convictions which he described as "not an attractive history for one so young."

The daughter of one of the people who died also claimed: “This is why this boy has no respect for the law, because he keeps getting let off constantly.

“He keeps committing these crimes because he has been let off his whole life.

Mr Shackley and Mr Imi were thrown over the top of Coopey's car and died on impact, despite this he got back behind the wheel of his police officer's mums Renault Clio on October 19 in 2018.

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Defence counsel Rebecca Hadgett argued Coopey should be bailed until the application could be heard, pointing out he would have served almost all of the custodial part of his 12-week sentence, imposed on Tuesday October 29 at Reading Magistrates' Court, before the appeal hearing could be fixed at Reading Crown Court.

Ms Hadgett argued: "There appears to be this pattern emerging in 2018, so it is notable then that since October last year there are no further issues concerning his behaviour.”

The lawyer said that Coopey should be bailed, adding: “He understands that it is very much in his interests to attend any appeal.

“He has been seeking a referral in relation to his mental health, he has issues with anxiety and depression. Next year he wants to go to university, he has desires to go into mobile catering.”

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Judge Burgess said he would bail Coopey, explaining: “Because he is so young, it is not a happy picture but there appears to have been something of a slowing down in the rate of offending.”

The judge said Coopey would have to reside at his home address, have an electronically monitored curfew between 8pm and 7am and was not permitted to sit in the front seat of any motor vehicle.

Mr Shackley’s daughter Danielle said: "His parents have brought him up to be the person that he is. He is spoilt, he has always got his own way and he is still getting his own way again, even above the law.“

Ms Shackley was sharing a petition called "Demand for Max Coopey sentence to be reviewed and investigation into handling of case" on

Ms Shackley said: “Every time he does something or his name gets brought up it is right back to the thinking of the beginning when we first got told my Dad had died.