A WEALTHY police officer's son who ran over and killed two men has been jailed for 12 weeks for a separate driving offence.

Max Coopey, 18 from The Burlings in Ascot hit John Shakley, 61 and Jason Imi, 48 in Sunninghill in August 2018.

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The teenager was then caught two months later for driving a car despite being disqualified from driving while under investigation.

He was found guilty of driving without a licence and driving without insurance after a trial on October 29.

Coopey was sentenced to three months for driving while disqualified and was ordered to pay a £100 fine for failing to surrender to custody on October 9.

The sentencing hearing was told a police officer spotted Coopey driving a silver Renault Clio in Ascot with his friend Kieran Shepherd.

However, Coopey claimed before a district judge that he had not got back behind the wheel of his car just over two months later, despite a police officer positively identifying him.

In January 30, Coopey was sentenced over the crash in which Mr Shakley and Mr Imi died.

He was given a youth rehabilitation order, two year driving ban after pleading guilty to driving while high on cannabis.

However, at an inquest in July, the families of two men who were killed by the drug-driving teenager have demanded police to reopen the case after he walked free from court.

John Shackley's daughter Danielle, 31, said: "Coopey is basically sat there laughing at us. We cannot rest and we cannot grieve. We are not getting any justice at all and we are not being treated properly.

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"How can you get behind the wheel of a car while you are high on drugs, kill two people and not go to prison for it?"

Coopey broke his silence at the inquest into Mr Imi and Mr Shackley's deaths where he told what had happened on the night of the crash.

He said he saw Mr Imi and Mr Shackley walking on the A329 in Sunninghill and he panicked as he reached the top of the blind bend and they started crossing to the Royal Berkshire Hotel, where they were staying while on a work trip.