A COUPLE are calling for better labelling on restaurant menus after a man "nearly died" from a severe allergic reaction to a pizza in Prezzo.

Jack Hurworth was on a date with his girlfriend Kelly Foster in Bracknell last Friday (September 13) before he discovered he had unknowingly eaten a pizza which had nuts on and had to be sick.

His girlfriend said he hasn't had an allergic reaction for five years so thought it would have been safe to order his favourite Calzone dish, without realising there were nuts in it.

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The News contacted Prezzo, who insist the diners didn't inform the waiters that Jack had a nut allergy.

Kelly told BBC Radio Berkshire: "He ordered a Calzone pizza which he has eaten before and never had any issues and because of that, we didn't think to ask for the allergen menu - I put my hands up as we should have asked for it.

"After he had taken a couple of mouthfuls of it, he stood up and ran off to the toilet to be sick and he came back and told me there were nuts in it.

"When the manager came over he brought the menu which said it has nuts in it, however his response was there are no direct nuts in the dish, no nuts in the kitchen at all and it would have just been something made in a factory where there are traces of nuts.

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"It wasn't until an hour and a half later until we got home, he was sick more and had stomach pains and his airway was closing. I then called the ambulance.

Jack had to have two adrenaline shots, two nebulisers and an additional injection and had to go to hospital.

Kelly added: "It was terrifying, the paramedics said it was very touch and go and the outcome could have been different. He could have died."

The Bracknell News spoke to Ms Foster after and she explained that Jack "nearly died" after his allergic reaction. 

The couple admit that they were complacent and should have asked for an allergen menu, however they would have liked the manager of the restaurant to have been better trained in dealing with allergy sufferers.

Kelly who lives in Daventry Court in Bracknell has been in contact with Prezzo further to find out what action they are taking to prevent allergic reactions happening in the future.

Prezzo contacted Kelly and said: "It is clear your partner didn't inform the team of his nut allergy, and so the team were not aware.

"You felt the manager’s attitude was careless and relaxed when he came over. I’m so sorry if you felt that way. He was deeply concerned for your partners well-being, and has found this whole incident deeply upsetting."

Prezzo has been contacted for a comment.