'WE need more clothes shops' is a popular opinion shared across many residents in Bracknell, so we found out what you would like to see appear in your town.

From Zara and Wilkinson's to an H&M home department or a Debenhams, readers have been expressing their thoughts as to what is still missing and what they would like to see less (such as coffee shops).

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On our online Facebook poll, 317 readers responded, with 57 per cent of people saying they would like to see more clothes shops and fewer coffee shops.

Bracknell News:

47 per cent said they were happy with the choice of stores in the town.

One person commented on the Facebook poll and said: "It would be nice if independent shops were encouraged and supported to be in the town.

"Some independent clothes shops inside would be nice. That way it makes Bracknell different to all the other towns

Another said they would like to see a Wilkinson's, Quiz clothing, Oasis, Debenhams, Zara, HMV

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One resident added: "Loving the new modern town, it is better than the old one, but there are too many cafes and restaurants."

About 16 shops are closing every day across the country as retailers restructure their businesses and more shopping moves online.

A net 1,234 stores shut on Britain's top 500 high streets in the first half of the year, according to research by PwC and the Local Data Company.

That is up from 1,123 in the same period last year and the highest since the survey began in 2010.

Fashion retailers saw the biggest declines in the period, followed by restaurants, estate agents and pubs.

Peter Smith, president of the Chamber of Commerce for Bracknell, said: "Whilst there are plenty of coffee shops in The Lexicon their value is often underestimated. With internet connectivity available, many provide a working environment for small business owners who often use it as a second office space. 

"With many smaller businesses starting from home, the availability of coffee shops provides the necessary additional facility to enable business growth.

“We are proud to have a good mixture of shops that offer real variety for visitors to the region.”