A SCHOOL has announced plans to convert its car park into a pay and display scheme, despite residents concerns over the amount of traffic this will bring to the road.

Garth Hill College in Bracknell have said the pay and display machines will be built in the forthcoming months to bring in revenue to the school.

Residents on Bull Lane received a letter from the school on February 15, outlining its plans to promote the use of the car park on weekends and in the school holidays.

Daniel Knight, campaigning for road safety, said: "This is only going to bring in more traffic to the road.

"It is already a problem as it is and I just want there to be actual calming measures in place so someone doesn't get killed."

Nick Huskinson, assistant principal at Garth Hill College, said: "We plan to utilise existing car parking spaces for the pay and display scheme - some minor works would be required to install the parking pay and display equipment and signage.

"The college is having to consider this as one of a number of measures to try to generate much needed revenue that will help to support our pupils education.

"Like many other schools, we are facing budget pressures."

The headteacher, Keith Grainger stressed how the school is facing budget pressures in an 'increasingly challenging financial situation', highlighting how the pay and display scheme will work as a funding stream for the school.

However, residents are still voicing their concerns over how much traffic this bring, considering the school is near the shopping centre.

Daniel added: "You have people rushing to drop their children by 8.45 and now all the town workers will be rushing to use the car park for work at 9am.

"The noise of cars going past day in, day out and the smell petrol fumes just make me hate living here."

On January 11, a schoolgirl was struck by a car while attempting to cross the road to go to school however escaped with minor injuries.

The school have been trying to hire a crossing patroller but residents are still concerned this wont make much of a difference to improving road safety.