WOKINGHAM Bowling Club’s Sylvia Pearce and Jill Thorne have made it to the county pairs final following their victory against Great Hollands in the semi final.

The duo will also represent Berkshire at the national finals in Leamington Spa later this summer.

In the Kennet League, Wokingham A beat Caversham 74-53 in a shortened Division One match that was abandoned early due to a thunderstorm.

Wokingham skips first: Alan Symondson 14-14 S.Hall; John Scowen 25-14 D.Allen; Tom Searle 10-13 M.Allder; Neil Jones 25-12 R.Robson.

Wokingham A also won their rearranged match against Suttons A 80-61.

Neil Jones along with Adie Chipper, Len Cooke and Martin O'Connor were the top rink, winning by 12 shots.

Alan Symondson 18-13 M.Cooper; John Scowen 20-12 R.Buckett; Tom Searle 13-19 C.Hitt 19; Neil Jones 29-17 R.Nash 17.

Wokingham B won 90-53 at Maidenhead Town in Division Two. Bob Hales-Owen and his rink won 22-11, Colin Cleverly’s won 24-13, Pat Cleary’s won 21-15 and Jim Rudd’s won 23-14. 

Wokingham C lost 84-42 at Maiden Erlegh in a rain-affected Division Three match.

Alun Hughes 5-32 C.Balague; Robin Harding 14-16 K.Pike; John Balkwell 11-26 M.Fraser; Paul Graham 12-10 K.Hawkins.

In the Kennet LV League, Wokingham A won on all three rinks at Island Bohemian for a 73-32 victory in Division One.

Bob Thompson 25-12 J.Widdows; Bob Hales-Owen 23-12 G.Young; Colin Cleverly 25-8.

Wokingham B lost 57-39 at Tilehurst B in Division Two.

Jim Rudd 4-22 T.Stevens; Gerry Deeves 17-17 P.Wall; Ted Melber 18-18 S.Rossor.

Wokingham C were beaten 48-37 at Caversham B.

Eric Nathan 16-15 C.Clark; John Botigieg 9-20 J.Eatwell; Paul Graham 12-13 R.Emmett.

Bottom side Wokingham D won two out of three triples against Division Three leaders Reading B, but lost the match 61-33.

Terry Cornell 16-15 J.Allen; David Fielding 12-10 B.Edwards; Alan Taylor 5-36 V.Waite.

In the Thames Valley Ladies League, Wokingham Acorns lost on all three rinks and were beaten 56-39 at Island Bohemian Swans in Division One.

Wokingham Oakapples beat Island Bohemian Cygnets 70-44 in Division Three.

Cyndy Price Finnie 31-8 L.Allen 8; Jenni MacGregor 25-12 M.Webb; Janette Kane 14-24 S.Wood.

In friendly matches, Wokingham Ladies beat Yateley 42-34.

Vi Hales-Owen’s triple drew 16-16 with Barbara Hill's triple but the triple who won the match for Wokingham was skipped by Sandra Thompson with Marie Fielding and Pam Parbery as they beat Eileen McRee’s rink 26-18.

Wokingham Ladies lost 60-40 at Maiden Erlegh. Their only successful triple was skipped by Janette Kane with Gen Hughes and Sue Thomson, winning 15-12. Sylvia Pearce lost her game by 21-14 while Joy Holmes lost hers 27-11.

In the Manley Cup second leg, Wokingham defeated Sunningdale 78-74 to retain the trophy by more than 50 shots overall.

The highest scoring rink for Sunningdale was Les Green, Llew Jones and Derek Cooper (skip).

Bob Thompson 27-6 M.Thompson; Jim Rudd 20-12 B.Webb; Gerry Deeves 11-19 W.Manley; Ted Melber 11-20 D.Cooper; Sam Welsh 9-17 J.Turner.

The highest scoring rink for Sunningdale was Les Green, Llew Jones and Derek Cooper (skip).


Sunningdale Bowling Club won 70-68 at Farnborough Gate with a highest-scoring rink of Marian Jones, John Boyer and John Turner (skip).

Sunningdale were beaten home and away by Royal Household in the county double fours championship.

In the Kennet League, Sunningdale lost 74-64 in a rain-affected match at Suttons for a 10-4 defeat on points.

Highest scoring rink for Sunningdale was Mike Ward, Gareth Williams, Don Allston and Dennis Bailey (skip).

In the LV Division, Sunningdale A won 71-39 at Wargrave for a 10-0 victory on points to maintain their place at the top of Division Two East.

Sunningdale B lost 72-40 at home to Great Hollands B for an 8-2 points defeat.

Winning rink for Sunningdale was Alf Chell, Alan Isted and Don Allston(skip).

In the ladies county triples, the Sunningdale team of Pam Kiddell, Kathy Edwards, Marjorie Walklett (skip) won 19-9 at Island Bohemian to reach the finals.

Great Hollands

GREAT Hollands Linnets lost 53-42 at Caversham in Thames Valley Ladies League for a 9-1 points defeat.

The Wrens won all three triples against Woodley for a 58-40 victory and 10-0 win on points.

Top triple was Sheila Stickland, Myrtle McMoneagle and Irene Bradley, winning 22-9. The triple of Carolyn Lofthouse, Angie Sherfield and Bridget Cruickshank won 19-17, while Sheila Ledbury, Rita Heaton and Rose Reason won 17-14.

In the KLV league, Great Hollands A lost 54-53 at Windsor & Eton A for a 8-2 points defeat.

The only winning triple was Ray Furnell, John Treanor and Bill Cheale by 21-12.

George Harris, David Brown and Syd Bambury lost 16-20 while Brian Rammell, Ken Perrett and Terry Harmer lost 16-22.

The KLV B team defeated Sunningdale B 72-40 for an 8-2 points win.

The KLV C team lost 59-32 to Woodley B and 8-2 on points.

The KLV D team lost 78-34 to Suttons B for a 10-0 points defeat.

Bill Heffill, Robert Dearman and George Auret lost 21-15,  David Harnden, Vic Worsfold and Les Dyks lost 23-12 and Neil Bollock, Paul Damiano and Les Sutherby lost 34-7.