WOKINGHAM picked up an impressive 84-61 home win against Royal Household in Kennet League Division One.

They won on all four rinks with those skipped by Alan Symondson and Tom Searle winning by eight and seven shots respectively.

Wokingham skips first: Tom Searle 23-16 B.Parish; Alan Symondson 21-13 G.Crisp; John Scowen 18-15 I.Matthews; Neil Jones 22-17 M.Thornton.

Wokingham B won 87-69 at Sunningdale in Division Two. Best rink for Wokingham was skipped by Colin Cleverly along with Roger Dollery, John MacGregor and Barry Woolley, winning by 13 shots.

Colin Cleverly 28-15 D.Bailey; Paul Aylott 20-17 B.Webb; Bob Hales-Owen 23-14 D.Cooper; Stuart Slocombe 16-23 R.Cooper.

In Division Three, Wokingham C lost 113-61 to Great Hollands. Paul Graham's rink won by one shot, but the remaining rinks all lost.

Paul Graham 20-19 T.Harmer; Keith Roberts 12-41 D.Sutherby; John Balkwell 13-28 C.Harris; Alan Taylor 16-25 R.Furnell.

In the Kennet LV League Wokingham A defeated Maiden Erlegh A 70-33 in Division One, winning on all three rinks.

Colin Cleverly 30-13 K.Hawkins; Bob Hales-Owen 26-9 R.Baker; Paul Aylott 14-11 K.Pike.

Wokingham B also won all three tripled in a 58-41 victory at Three Mile Cross B in Division Two.

Ted Melber 22-16 C.Hosier; Jim Rudd 16-12 C.Jennings; Gerry Deeves 20-13 T.Cook.

Also in Division Two, Wokingham C lost 63-43 to Reading A. Wokingham had one successful triple skipped by John Buttigieg along with Robin Harding and Brian Chinneck, winning by four shots.

John MacGregor 11-25 L.Robinson; John Buttigieg 19-15 B.Poynter; Eric Nathan 13-23 R.Wilson.

In Thames Valley Ladies League, Wokingham Acorns lost 46-41 at Sutton Seeds in Division One.

Sandra Thompson 15-21 C.Hitt; Joy Holmes 12-13 D.Bateman; Lillian Holliday 14-12 C.Dover 12.

Wokiugham Ladies beat Henley 28-25 in a friendly. The game was cut short due to the sweltering heat and consisted of two triples and one pair.

The pair who made the difference for Wokingham was skipped by Jennie MacGregor along with Anne-Marie Murray, winning by eight shots.

The hot weather also meant only 10 ends were played in the friendly against Hurst ladies, with Wokingham winning on all three triples to lead 25-17. Top triple for Wokingham was skipped by Cyndy Price-Finnie along with Barbara Woolley and Zara Sanders, winning by five shots.


SUNNINGDALE had a reduced number of games while Royal Ascot took place.

They lost 87-69 at home to Wokingham B in the Kennet League. The winning rink for Sunningdale consisted of Les Green, Dale Spencer, Don Allston and Ryan Cooper(skip).

In the LV Division, Sunningdale B were uncontested at home and took all 10 points.

Sunningdale A lost 67-44 at Great Hollands. The winning rink for Sunningdale contained Les Green, Bob Montgomery and Dennis Bailey(skip).

Great Hollands

GREAT Hollands Linnets lost 58-37 to Maiden Erleigh in Thames Valley Ladies League and 8-2 on points.

Sheila Lee, Lorraine Capon and Olive Bambury had the only winning rink, 21-19.

Jose Chippendale, Ingrid Girdlestone and Sheila Readings lost 7-23 with Jo Sanders, Liz Austin and Rita Littleford losing 9-16.

The Wrens drew 49-49 with Palmer Park for a 5-5 points result.

In the Kennet League, Great Hollands defeated Wokingham C 113-61 for a 12-2 points win.

Dave Sutherby, David Bradley-Brock, Don Foote and William Van de Venter had the highest winning rink 41-12.

George Harris, Frank Townsend, Fred Moody and John Treanor won 28-13; Ray Furnell, Ken Perrett, Mitch Mitchell and Bill Cheale won 25-16 while Terry Harmer, Steve Daniels, Peter Hurrell and Brian Rammell lost 20-19.

In the KLV, the B team won 67-44 against Sunningdale A for an 8-2 points win.

Fred Moody, Tim Barrett and Don Foote were the best winning triple, 30-7.

Mike Stickland, Neil Lofthouse and Fred Payne won 20-13 while Richard Clark, Bill Heffill and Gerry Austin lost 24-17.

The C team played lost 58-35 to Suttons B for an 8-2 points defeat.

The D team won 53-45 against Woodley B for a 6-4 points win. Neil Lofthouse, Les Dykes and Ray Penfold had the only winning rink, 23-8.

Bill Heffill, Robert Dearman and Les Sutherby lost 17-16 while Norman Bullock, Paul Damiano and Stewart McMoneagle lost 14-12.