Plans are underway to bring more internationally acclaimed competitions to the Royal Ascot Golf Club.

With aspirations of establishing itself as a premier UK golf course, the club has hosted a number of important events, including a qualifier for the PGA Legends Tour, and aims to engage more local golf enthusiasts.

Just over a hundred years after the Club inaugurated the Royal and Ancient Boys’ Amateur Championship – one of the most prestigious tournaments for young players globally today – it hosted the PGA Legends Tour qualifier under the Q-Series.

The championship was won by Simon Griffiths, a local-born professional golfer, who scored six-under and claimed the £3,200 first prize.

He also secured a spot at Trump International later this year.

The Club also successfully held its Club Championships this month.

Over 120 players of various backgrounds and skills participated in the 6,294-yard 18-hole course competition, vying for prizes in nett score, gross score, and most improved categories.

General Manager of the Royal Ascot Golf Club, Stephen Nicholson, expressed his satisfaction with the Club's development.

He said: "We’re an ambitious team and despite the unseasonal weather we’ve enjoyed a really promising year of growth.

"It’s our long-term ambition to bring major competitions to Royal Ascot Golf Club and extend the course’s proud heritage of hosting events which are recognised by the sport’s community and beyond."

Nicholson went on to add: "We’ve built a solid foundation by staging the PGA Legends Tour and accepting 125 entrants to our Club Championships.

"Now we want to build our competition calendar around events of these types and continue to strengthen our outputs on the course and off it with the help of our team."

The Club Championships were an immersive experience, with the provision of an official starter, hoardings and flags around the club entrance, and on the first and 18th holes.

There was even a live digital leaderboard for seamless updates.

Stephen further remarked: "The enthusiasm and strong turnout for this year’s club championship is testament to the positive atmosphere we’ve worked hard to install in recent years.

"We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where golfers of all abilities and backgrounds can hone their skills and gain valuable experience.

"Congratulations to this year’s Club Championship winners – we’re already looking forward to next year’s event."

Granted Royal status by Queen Victoria in 1887, the Royal Ascot Golf Club is nestled in 150 acres of wooded Crown land off Winkfield Road, adjacent to the famous racecourse.