TWO nervous brides from England and Ukraine tied the knot hours before the Euros 2020 clash on the weekend.

Sarah and Anna Bayley from Bracknell married whilst watching England’s game against Ukraine on Saturday, July 3.

Staff at The Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover set up a TV with flags representing both teams so the couple could watch the game just after they cut the cake.

Sarah’s wife Anna supported Ukraine due to her family routes whereas Sarah backed Garth Southgate’s Three Lions team.

Sarah said: “After the football results on Tuesday’s game it was basically my family vs hers as I’m English and they are originally from Ukraine. I am very happy with the win, they outdid my prediction. Anna was a little disappointed with the score but is very happy to support England going onwards!”

Bracknell News:

Some guests who attended the wedding ceremony also had close ties with Ukraine and are big football supporters.

Luckily the guests didn’t wear football shirts and instead donned their best “wedding attire and all looked lovely.”

Last week, Sarah spoke to the News about having her wedding day on the same day as the Euros 2020 game.

Unlike a lot of brides, the pair decided to have the game on so their guests didn’t have to ‘sneakily watch on their phones.’

Bracknell News: Photo of Anna and Sarah by Alliance Photography Photo of Anna and Sarah by Alliance Photography

The pair are now on their honeymoon in Scotland and plan to watch England go head to head against Denmark tonight at a local pub.

The couple were lucky to have booked their wedding two years in advance avoiding the heartbreak of changing their date like other couples because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah thanked the Hawk Conservancy for going ‘above and beyond’ in making their wedding ‘magical’.

Adding: “They truly made the day so so special for us and we are very happy we got married there.”