Some Reading players will need to perform their own Covid-19 tests at home or at the training ground - according to national reports.

BBC Sport have reported that according to documents sent to each clubs, tests should be "self-administered" on the morning of training two times a week.

The EFL is hoping that players will be able to return to training from Monday, with any players or staff members who test positive needing to self-isolate for 14 days.

The protocols are part of a document obtained by the public service broadcaster.

Players will also have to follow government guidelines by actively 'opting in' to the first stage of training.

It is understood that players will have to train in small groups for no longer than 75 minutes - not including a fifteen minute period for warm-up and warm-downs.

Some of the other guidelines included in the document are as follows:

  • Clubs should use as few footballs and equipment as possible
  • Equipment worn or touched by players will be disinfected.
  • PPE equipment, including masks and gloves, may be required when injured players enter the gym with coaching staff required to wear gloves during sessions.
  • Players have been asked to not 'chat in groups' and will not be allowed 'non-essential treatment' such as showers or ice baths. 
  • Players will arrive at the training ground in their own kit and bring their own water bottles.