Former Reading defender Adrian Mariappa has revealed that he tested positive for Covid-19.

Mariappa, who played for the Royals during the Premier League campaign in 2012-13, revealed to The Telegraph that he had received a positive test - despite being asymptomatic.

Mariappa was one of six players or staff who tested positive across three clubs after 748 tests were carried out at clubs across the English top flight.

The Jamaican international told The Telegraph: "Ever since I got my positive result back on Tuesday, I’ve been scratching my head to try to work out how I might have got coronavirus.

"It was a big surprise because I haven’t really left the house, apart from some exercise and the odd walk with the kids.

"I’ve mainly just been home-schooling and keeping fit.

“My lifestyle is very quiet, certainly no parties or going out or anything, so I really don’t know how I got it. Like most people, we’ve been having more deliveries of food and things, so maybe that’s one way, and my partner has been to the supermarket a few times.”