FINCHAMPSTEAD Cricket Club secretary John Reed was among the guests – which also included Eoin Morgan and Gary Lineker – when Wellington College CC and the Old Wellingtonians hosted a dinner in the Long Room at Lord's.

It was held to celebrate Wellington cricket, while raising funds for Ruth Strauss Foundation.

The wife of Sir Andrew Strauss, the former England captain, was diagnosed in the summer of 2018 with the inoperable form of lung cancer which attacks non-smokers, and Ruth died later that year. She was 46 years old and mother to two children, now aged 11 and 14.

This year their eldest son joined Wellington, so the Foundation has a very personal connection to the college and its wider community.

Around £30k was raised on the night, with the total later being boosted by a silent auction.

Among many cricketers at the dinner were former Wellington stars, Sam and Tom Curran, both Surrey and England players, and brother Ben, who plays for Northamptonshire, as well as Ollie Pope and Alec Stewart.

Morgan, who captains England in the limited-overs format, took part in a Q&A with TV personality Piers Morgan.

Reed a former minor counties umpire, has regularly stood in games at the Crowthorne college in the last few years.

He is second from left, in the photo along with Woody Bowcock, Rory Renwick, Elliott George and Sam Curran, all former Wellington 1st XI players.