“I want to pick up all the belts as I go, so British, European, Commonwealth and then World titles. The more belts the better,” writes Cameron Temple.

Such is the ambition of young Bracknell boxer, Charles Frankham, that despite being only two fights into his professional career, he has his sights set on the top.

However, this confidence in his own ability is not without good reason.

He is coming off the back of a decorated amateur career winning numerous titles including 11 national belts, as well as a World Youth Championship bronze medal and a European Championship gold medal.

Frankham, who has a clear pride and awareness of his achievements as an amateur, told the Bracknell News: “I’ve been all over the world boxing at amateur level and I’ve fought the best in the world. I’ve only been beaten by world champions and European champions, so it does give me a lot of confidence going forward.”

This has given him an assurance he can overcome any obstacle he might come across in the pro ranks, and he added: “I’m not too concerned with the opponent I face, as I boxed people of all sizes in the amateurs.”

A big contributor to Frankham’s success so far was the Bracknell-based Ring Amateur Boxing club, and he recalled: “I won the European there and I got the Commonwealth and world bronze there as well, so obviously I have good memories and I liked all the lads there.”

Now training in Tony Sims’ gym in Camberley, Frankham is not short of role models, training and sparring with the likes of former three-weight world champion Ricky Burns and the up-and-coming Welshman Joe Cordina.

He said: “It’s been tremendous up there, I’ve been sparring with British, European, Commonwealth and world champions. All the boys train together, which has been really good and I’m learning every day.”

Another major influence on Frankham's early career has been his father John, with Charles reflecting: "My dad was my trainer ever since I first started boxing and he’s taught me the most – he’s a great amateur coach and he helped so many boys win championships.”

However, Frankham’s family ties to boxing do not end with his father, as his grandfather, Johnny Frankham, was also a British light-heavyweight champion.

The latest cab off the rank in the family has transitioned seamlessly from amateur to professional last year, and Charles admitted: “I always had a bit of a pro style even when I was an amateur so not a lot has changed, but obviously there’s more rounds and you need better core fitness.”

With a nickname like ‘Boom Boom’, one could be forgiven for thinking Frankham might feel some pressure to secure knockout wins, as he did in his second pro fight, but he played this down.

“It’s all about the win and it doesn’t really matter to me how I get it," he said.

"I’m more of a boxer than a puncher to be honest and I’m learning more in my sparring at the moment than I am in my fights, so it doesn’t really matter how I win, but obviously it is better when I stop them.”

Frankham – who had to pull out of a scheduled fight last December – hopes to return to the ring soon and concluded: “I’m going to try and get four or five fights under my belt this year.”