THERE were some fantastic results and medals all round for Washindi’s newest members at the Southern Regional Novice competition in Abingdon.

Matthew Morris in the trampoline for persons with disabilities category (TPD) category two and Madiba Elhaggagi (TPD Category one) both conquered their nerves and managed their routines beautifully, giving them both a solid first place and gold medals.

In the Club Development three section age 11-12 years, Aishimina Natsis gained gold with Mia Gandy and Maddi Hayes jumping their best to secure bronze.

In the 7-10 years group, Martha Splain and Daniella Fossett both gained silver medals and Rebecca Fossett a bronze.

Newcomer Jessica Cunningham, who has only been with the club a short time, came second in the 11-12 years category, while Sammy Britz in the 15+ age group gained a bronze medal.