IN Division One East of the Kennet League, Wokingham A lost 79-71 (12-2 on points) at Bracknell A.

Wokingham won on one rink, skipped by Gerry Deeves along with Len Cooke, Barry Woolley and Martin Brailey. They prevailed by seven shots.

In Division Two, Wokingham B edged out Sunningdale 79-78 (8-6) despite only winning one of the four rinks – Stuart Slocombe as skip along with George Hayne, Roger Dollery and Barry Pither performing superbly to triumph by 24 shots.

The highest scoring rink for Sunningdale was Alf Chell, Ken Johnson, Bob Montgomery and George Edwards (skip).

Skip John Balkwell along with Alan Jeynes, Bill Finnie and Les Allen won their rink by 24 shots, but Wokingham C went down 92-76 (10-4) against Wargrave in Division Three.

Kennet LV League Division One Central East leaders Wokingham A eased past Suttons B 77-25 (10-0). The top triple was skipped by Bob Thompson along with Andy Franklin and Ron Swan who won by 25 shots.

In Division One of the Thames Valley Ladies League, Wokingham Acorns lost 54-41 (9-1) to Island Bohemian.

Wokingham Oakapples lost 63-38 (6-4) at Sunningdale in Division Two.

The winning triple for Wokingham, skipped by Jean Balkwell along with Jenni Macgregor and Margaret Argent, won by 2 shots.

In the first leg of the Jim Clarke Trophy, Wokingham overcame Suttons 86-83.

Top triple for Wokingham was skipped by Barry Woolley along with Paul Graham and John Macgregor. They won their game by 13 shots.

SUNNINGDALE overturned their three-shot deficit from the first leg to win the Ascot Cup against Windsor Great Park – the 102-98 success ensuring they bagged the trophy by a solitary shot.

The highest scoring rink for Sunningdale was Peter Coleman, Les Green and Mike Thompson (skip).

In Division One East of the Kennet LV League, Sunningdale lost 59-34 (8-2) to Windsor & Eton A.

However, Sunningdale B took all the rinks in their 69-38 (10-0) Division Two triumph against Desborough C.

Top rink for Sunningdale was Alf Chell, Barry Hobbs and skip John Turner.

KENNET League Division Two East leaders Great Hollands won all four winks in overcoming Maidenhead Town B 77-56 (14-0).

Great Hollands A beat Bracknell B 57-39 (8-2) in Division One Central East of the Kennet LV League, but Great Hollands B lost 66-47 (8-2) in Division Two.

Great Hollands C were beaten 58-39 (8-2) by Hurst, while Great Hollands ladies are out of the National Top Club competition following defeat to Island Bohemian..