BRACKNELL Town FC are planning to move out of Larges Lane amidst claims they are being driven away by people living near the ground, writes Dave Wright.

"Many local residents just don't like us," admits chairman Kayne Steinborn-Busse, who has already earmarked a possible new home for the club.

"They just don't seem to want us here – which is very sad and disappointing.

"People are complaining about football being played at a football club which has been here since the 1930s. It's just crazy, absolutely crazy.

"They are constantly reporting us to the Environmental and Health authorities over noise, which is mainly kids enjoying themselves while playing football.

"We are fighting a battle with residents, who since the 1980s and 90s have moved to houses knowing they were close to a football club, but now don't like it.

"It seems that they will get their wish and push us away from Larges Lane."

Following the latest complaints from residents, an official from the council's environmental health office was due to visit the club this week.

Steinborn-Busse continued: "It's a battle between ourselves and residents and it looks likely the residents are going to win.

"They don't want a football club here. It is a very sad state of affairs and a great shame especially when we are getting close to 300 people coming from all over the local area to our ground on match days.

"They enjoy coming to watch us play and using the facilities the club has to offer. This is why we are one of the best-supported teams in the entire Bostik League.

"But in the past week or so we have started discussions about relocating away from Larges Lane.

"At the moment, I don't want to reveal the location we have in mind, but it is not too far out of town and set away from a residential area. It will offer us more opportunities for expansion which we are going to need."

Steinborn-Busse, however, has stressed their close links with two schools close to the present ground, Ranelagh and St Josephs, will continue.

He confirmed: "We are still very much focused on our project with Ranelagh School which will see their playing fields have new pitches offering excellent facilities for football and several other sports.

"We have also had some really good discussions with St Joseph's School and, as with Ranelagh, we are looking to enhance their sporting/parking facilities, which will benefit their pupils and other local children as well."

The club will also continue to use Ranelagh at non-school times, but because of the way they are growing, they will need a larger place.

Steinborn-Busse also revealed when his club does move they will not take their 3G pitch with them, explaining: "The plan is to go back to grass, but it will be top-level desso grass pitch."