KAYNE Steinborn-Busse has been awarded honorary membership of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations in recognition of his support of their World Cup, which was played at a number of UK football grounds, including Larges Lane, last summer.

"I am proud to be recognised," said the Bracknell Town chairman.

He was nominated for the award for his "tireless devotion" in making it such a well-run and successful tournament.

"It is a wonderful organisation and the World Cup was a brilliant event," stated Steinborn-Busse.

"Every nation who took part had their own unique story and that was what made it so special for me.

"Lots of teams come from quite oppressive backgrounds, and it was fascinating listening to all their stories.

"It was even better being part of the organisation which delivered a great tournament."

An official added: "He was a great source of inspiration for those attending matches at Bracknell FC. He was always cheerful and truly embodies the spirit of the CONIFA family."

In all, 11 honorary members were elected at the association's annual general meeting held in Poland recently.

Meanwhile, Steinborn-Busse was able to update Bracknell Town councillor Ian Kirke on his club's future plans when he recently popped into the club.

"It was good to see him and I thank him for coming," said the Robins boss.

"He is a forward-thinking councillor and is very supportive of youth projects.

"With him was the local PCSO, Iain Gregory, who is a fantastic guy and also very supportive of what the club is doing for young people in the town."