KAYNE Steinborn-Busse, the Bracknell Town chairman, has revealed further plans about the club for next season, and they include fielding four Under 18 teams in different leagues, writes Dave Wright.

And overall, the club will increase the number of sides at all group groups from 35 to 48.

The expansion comes at a time when American students will be studying at the Larges Lane club's brand new academy for two years.

The Robins' boss recently returned from a trip to Boston and Chicago in the USA, where he met up with one of the club's new partners, Global Premier Soccer.

"I went out there to get an update on the international academy, who will be sending over 20 lads in August," he said.

"I was also able to discuss opportunities for our own Bracknell students, which when they complete their B-tech studies in the UK there will be a route open to them to go to the USA on scholarships."

Steinborn-Busse added: "The trip went very well, I came back feeling really positive.

"It was good to see how football is coached out there and hear how the game is developing in America, which has been really massive in recent years.

"There is a very strong contingent of English people working over there. At Harvard, I met up with Chris Hamblin, who comes from Swindon, who has been out there for many years."

Next season, the young students will study at the Larges Lane clubhouse, part of which has already been turned into a classroom.

Their accommodation will be at Robins Gate, the new development built at the end of the club's ground.

They will also play in the new team which Bracknell plan to enter in the Combined Counties League, providing their application is approved by the Football Association.

The squad will also contain the B-tech Level Three students who will also be studying full-time in Bracknell.

Bracknell also intends to have a team in the Bostik League's U18 section, as well as the Allied Counties Youth League and the Tactic League, which itself is a pathway to USA Soccer Scholarships and the UK Elite Academy.

Steinborn-Busse stated: "We plan to have 50 to 60 U18s at the club playing midweek and weekend games. We really want to give more opportunities to young players.

"Our aim is to increase the number of teams from 35 to 48 with six teams from U10s up to U16s playing in the Junior Premier League.

"The aim is in three to five years our men's first team will consist mainly of players who have come through our academy.

"We are in a real transitional period at the moment, changing from what is a traditional football club into an educator for the young.

"Our aim is that in three to five years time, our first team will be exclusively down to the educational pathways we offer the young."

The highly ambitious Town chairman continued: "A lot of good is coming out of the partnerships we are establishing.

"We have also formed a relationship with Anglia Ruskin University that, in addition to B-Tech Level Three education, we will also be able to offer degree courses in Bracknell.

"So that is why we need to expand our facilities massively and move away from Larges Lane.

"We have had an incredible three years and are now a long way ahead of where we wanted to be at this time and we are now, expanding far quicker than we first thought.

"But we have to make a change in strategy because we need more pitches, more artificial pitches, more buildings."