THE WORLD Boxing Super Series has captured the attention of boxing fans throughout the world, and one Bracknell fighter got the chance to shine on the biggest card of the year on two weeks notice. 

Luther Clay, a Welterweight from Bracknell, was given the chance to fight on the undercard of the George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr fight at the sold-out Manchester Arena when he received contact on two weeks notice. 

It was a fight he was supposed to lose, against Danny Craven, the home hero, but the 22-year-old out-boxed Craven to score a points victory, taking the bout 58-57 on the referee's scorecard. 

"I was brought in to lose, he's from Manchester, he was the home fighter, they only brought me in to make him look good."

Clay even had to overcome a size advantage, after his opponent missed weight. 

"Before the fight the contracted weight was 68kgs, and he came in 2kgs over, and I came in 1kg under. Normally when you're overweight you're meant to lose it, you get an hour to lose the weight, but when I approached them, me and my management, they said they couldn't lose it, so it was either they keep the weight or the fight doesn't happen.

"I was faced with that situation so I assessed the risk and reward of being on such a card and so I just accepted it, it worked out for the best because I caused the upset."

Clay only got the call on February 7, just ten days before the scheduled fight, but he had already been preparing for the fight that his opponent had known about since November.

"I did well to win the fight because I had two weeks confirmation about the fight, whereas they'd known since November. 

"Leading up to the fight I had known that they'd wanted me for an opponent but they were back and forth, so I didn't think it was going to happen until they actually confirmed. 

"He was in the GB team, and I had only had 11 amateur fights, so it was a set-up for me to fail, so it was nice to succeed on such a card like that." 

Clay explained his path to getting onto the card, and explained that his manager, Al Siesta of Siesta Boxing Promotions, was key in getting him on.

He said: "Because they're from Manchester and he (Craven) sells a lot of tickets, they already knew they were on the card. My manager approached them in November and said - 'look, Luther is willing to fight you, do you want the fight?' and they initially said yes, then there was no confirmation so between November and February 7 there was no word as to whether the fight was happening. 

"In the last ten days there was full confirmation with a poster released from ITV and the World Boxing Super Series of me and Danny. I found out initially from the internet, from seeing everyone tagging me in it."

Clay, who had been at Southampton Solent University and trained at the Love2Box gym in the city centre, but now will be moving back to Bracknell, where he grew up.

He will now be trained by Keith Marner, at Turners Boxing Academy in Camberley.  

He explained: "I'm moving back to Bracknell now, and I'll be training here, but I need sponsors. Without sponsors I can't dedicate myself to it. 

The Bracknell boxer will be fighting next in May, when he will appear on the undercard of cruiser weight monster Mairis Biredis' return to the ring at Riga Arena, Latvia. 

There is no confirmed opponent as of yet, and Clay explained he has never been the type to call fighters out.

He said: "I've never wanted to be the type to call out fighters and shout about names, but I want to climb into the top 15 ratings in the country by the end of the year. 

"I would love to fight Conor Benn, but I know that's quite some way off."