PROMISING youngster Clay Elmes, 12, is set to represent Bracknell Boxing Academy in the National Schoolboys tournament this Sunday.

Elmes will look to emulate former Bracknell national champions such as Andy Larkin and Chris Pratt in the prestigious competition.

Former British champion and Bracknell coach Geoff McCreesh remarked: "I personally cannot wait until the first round on the 29th.

"Clay is more than capable of progressing in this tournament and definitely belongs at this level, as he proved last month when he represented the Home Counties squad successfully." Meanwhile, the club enjoyed another successful weekend with two boys in action.

Thirteen-year-old James Williamson won a majority decision victory in a tough match against Stowe ABC's Mikey McDonagh.

Throughout the three rounds, Williamson demonstrated that he was clearly the more technically gifted boxer, landing crisp scoring combinations.

McDonagh tried desperately to salvage something from the bout and worked tirelessly, forcing the Bracknell youngster to work at an extremely high tempo throughout the contest.

Proud head coach Craig Killoran said: "James deserved his victory, everybody at the club were willing him on, he is such a popular lad.

"It was a great moment to see this nice polite young man get the result he deserved, it will do him the world of good." Chris Hartney produced his best performance in the ring to date with a well-fought contest against William Threlfall of Berinsfield ABC. Hartney, 13, made his third appearance of the season and dominated the skills contest, using his left jab to great effect.

Coach Jim Williamson commented: "Chris boxed to orders today and showed a lot of restraint to be honest.

"If it had been a competitive bout with a winner, he would have won unanimously or he would have forced a stoppage.

"He is more than ready now for a real bout." Anyone interested in joining the club should phone 07981 852775 for more information.