A MAN has been cleared of dangerous driving after being involved in an incident which left a cyclist dead.

Jeremiah O’Shea, 54, of Forest Road, Ascot, was found not guilty at Reading Crown Court after a week-long trial.

He was accused of causing death by careless driving after the van he was driving collided with, and killed, a cyclist back in January 2017.

Fred Dowling, 52, from Wokingham, was cycling to work along Winkfield Road, Windsor, when he was hit by the van.

Ambulance crews attended the scene and treated Mr Dowling, but he was pronounced dead at Frimley Park Hospital later.

A jury heard that Mr O’Shea was found by police standing over Mr Dowling’s lifeless body staring straight at him, before asking police: “I’ve killed him, haven’t I?”

He was cleared by a jury at Reading Crown Court, after he denied the charge.

Prosecuting, Rossana Scamardella read out a statement on behalf of PC Sean O’Neill, in which Mr O’Neill describes finding the accused stood on the side of the road.

“I was on my way to work in the morning, when I saw the bus in front of me slow drastically and indicate right to avoid debris on the floor.

“This debris appeared to be from a bicycle, and I pulled over to the hard shoulder.

“I saw a man standing on the side of the road, who was staring at the man on the ground, who was laying face up, receiving CPR.

“I approached the man and asked: ‘were you the man driving the silver van?’ “He replied: ‘yeah, that was me. I’ve killed him, haven’t I?”