JOHN REDWOOD has likened the Baux Tapestry to Brexit in a series of tweets. 

Mr Redwood, who was a strong campaigner for Britain to leave the European Union, tweeted this morning on the day that the French President comes to the UK for the first time. 

Emmanuel Macron visits Sandhurst today as part of his first trip to the UK, and is expected to formally announce the loaning of the Bayeux Tapestry to the UK, as well as discuss border control with Prime Minister Theresa May. 

Mr Redwood, the Wokingham MP, is not expected to be in attendance, though Princes William and Harry are both expected. 

He did however have some choice words for the French leader, and took to social media to air his frustrations. 

"Mr Macron comes with a rare gift-a loan the Bayeux tapestry to the UK. While I'm sure the offer is well meant, I will pass over the unfortunate truth that it depicts an invading French army killing England’s King & many in his army before taking over the govt of our kingdom.

"Mr Macron, migrants and a tapestry - it was the last time England was defeated in war by  a hostile continental invasion, though many more attempts were made at enforced political union with the continent.

"We read that Mr Macron wants the UK to take more economic migrants & that he wants to reduce the migratory pressures in France. It's hard to see how this is compatible as any sign we would welcome more economic migrants will increase the pressures on France as more seek to come.

"We read Macron wants more UK cash for border arrangements. It makes every sense as we agreed a Treaty that the UK border with France is in French Channel ports & its border with us is in UK Channel ports. Why let people make a journey to arrive as illegals in the other’s country?"