SIBLINGS have been registered as certified geniuses after taking the MENSA IQ test.

Dhruv Garg, 13, was certified as a genius last year after scoring top marks on the MENSA IQ test, and now, his 10-year-old brother has done the same.

Mehul Garg, 10, now has a higher IQ than both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, despite the fact he hasn’t even started secondary school yet.

After taking the test, Dhruv joined the elite group of people to have scored the highest possible score on the tests. Mehul also joined after he became inspired by his brother.

Mum Divya Garg explained: “You know what kids are like, the younger one wants to be like the older one, so he was saying ‘I want to do it, I want to do it.’

“Mehul persuaded his dad to let him take the test and he scored the exact same as his older brother, a 162! What makes me so proud is that they want to use their unique talents to help the world.”

“They aren’t just sitting inside all day watching TV, they want to help society.

“My youngest son loves cricket, and is currently working with Etihad to try to improve customer experience on flights.”

Mehul is currently in dialogue with Etihad Airlines and has produced a survey on what is important to customers - which can be found here:

The two brothers are working together on an mobile app designed to reduce social isolation and promote neighbourliness/localisation.

The family moved over to the UK from India 20 years ago, and have been at their home in Wokingham for four years.