THE TOWN centre regeneration is still on track, it has been revealed.

Town clerk Jan Nowecki from Wokingham Town Council has confirmed that works are not behind schedule.

The market square in Wokingham is currently in the middle of a multi-million pound regeneration, which will see the road surfaces improved, as well as easier access through the centre of town.

As a result, the centre of the market square is now closed to the public, as work continues to replace the bricks on the floor.

Ms Nowecki has written an update for Wokingham residents outlining the next stage of the works, saying: “To make you fully aware, work is also commencing on the corner of Rose Street to re-configure that junction.

"Unfortunately, this means pedestrians coming from Denmark Street will need to walk towards the Post Office to cross over to the Zizzi and the Nat West side of the road. Again, we appreciate that this is lengthening walking routes, but is an aspect of the project that needs to be undertaken at this point.

"Those of you who have been into the town will have seen that the central area of the Market Place has now been closed and is part of the main works area.

“We do appreciate that these arrangements are taking a little time to settle down and that they mean there is an increase in the distance to walk through the centre of town, but this is necessary to allow Balfour Beauty to undertake the work in that central area.”