A BREAST cancer survivor and charity founder is hosting an annual walk for thousands of people raising awareness of the disease.

Wokingham’s Nina Barough OBE, founded Walk the Walk charity 21 years ago and has since raised £121million for breast cancer, mainly through an annual MoonWalk in London.

The walk attracts more than 17,000 walkers every year and Ms Barough hopes the 2018 edition will be no different.

Walkers take on an overnight half or full Marathon walking challenge, wearing Walk the Walk’s trademark brightly decorated bras and Ms Barough is calling on residents to register and play their part.

Ms Barough said: “I never imagined that we would be at this stage and I never sat down and thought of running a charity.

“I think that is one of the lovely things about Walk the Walk, it was so spontaneous and organic about how it has grown and now there is nothing quite like it.

“We are almost at the stage where people with primary cancers can be treated if found early and we are on an intense mission to be able to cure breast cancer.”

One Wokingham resident who has already signed up for the walk is taking part to show support for her sister, who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Anne Quinn said: “The MoonWalk London has been on my to-do list for a number of years, and after my sister Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, 2018’s event seemed like the right time for us to do it.

“The MoonWalk is a great way to raise money for an amazing cause while having lots of fun at the same time!”

Do not miss The MoonWalk London, Saturday 12th May. Power walk through the capital at Midnight wearing a decorated bra, as you raise money and awareness for breast cancer charity, Walk the Walk. Sign up at: www.walkthewalk.org