THE PRIME MINISTER has praised housing developments in Wokingham during a visit to the town.

Theresa May came to a development on London Road, Wokingham, and discussed 'The British dream' of being able to buy your own home.

Mrs May also assessed the view that Wokingham cannot accommodate any more housing developments, and that too much green belt land is being developed on.

Mrs May said: "Wokingham is a good borough in terms of building homes, we see this development here (London Road development), and significant areas within the borough where they have ensured that we see more homes being built.

"We want to see them being built in the right place, and green belt remains important.

"The important thing is that we build homes, but we build homes in the right places."

Mrs May also spoke about attempting to stop developing on green belt land unless necessary.

She said: "I still think it is important to protect green belt.

"I had a meeting before Christmas with the leader of Wokingham Borough Council about the borough's proposals to build more land, about the Ruscombe potential, but Wokingham does have other areas where it will be capable of building significant numbers of homes.

"It is important that we protect green belt as far as possible."